Over 60 lbs of Sausage

At least twice a year I get together with a few friends and we make a bunch of sausage. We make 3 or 4 varieties usually. This time we made the largest batch yet, about 62 lbs of them. It was a two-day fest of grinding, stuffing and feasting. We made four varieties this time around:

– Italian Sausage with Basil and Rosemary

– Toulouse Sausage with Herbs and White Wine

– Hatch Chile Sausage with Cilantro, Lime and Queso Fresco

– Chicken Shawarma Sausage (Chicken meat and pork fat with shawarma flavors – white wine, lemon, cardamom, allspice,…)

The first day we do all the cutting, seasoning, grinding and mixing.

These were our dinner. Accompanied with baked potatoes, broccolini, mushrooms in Marsala and a few slices of Cotechino. Light stuff…

Day two is when we stuff and portion out all the sausage.

Till next time

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