Sizzling Garlic Shrimp

Sizzling Garlic Shrimp 

This is my favorite way to cook shrimp. When I do this I make sure I have at least a pound to eat per person since it is so addictively good. My mom prepares it more or less the same way and that’s how I first tasted this. I add a bit more of a Spanish spin on it and eat it with some good crusty bread or in this case homebaked Focaccia.

Just gently cook 8 or 9 cloves of finely chopped garlic and half of a chopped bell pepper together in plenty of olive oil (like 1/3 cup of the good Extra Virgin olive oil) for 10 minutes or until they are very soft. They key here is GENTLE. You want the oil to be flavored with the garlic/pepper, but do not let the garlic burn or even get brown. Now add a tablespoon of smoked paprika and a couple of crumbled dried hot chiles (Those thin long ones called Chile De Arbol are best). Stir the mxiture for a few seconds and add about a pound of peeled (with the tail left intact) and deveined (that ‘vein’ in case you do not know contains shit, literally, and it is pure laziness not to remove it since it taste like crap and has the texture of sand) large shrimp. Cook the shrimp slowly for about 10 minutes stirring all the time to get them coated until they are cooked through and still juicy. Last but not least, turn the heat off and stir in a 1/4 cup chopped flat leaf parsley and 1/4 cup chopped cilantro. Serve piping hot.

This recipe makes enough for one person, or two I guess if you stretch it with some rice or potatoes. I like to eat those with my hands and mop up the amazing oil with the bread.


One thought on “Sizzling Garlic Shrimp

  1. Dear E. Nasser,
    I happened to notice your comment on lahmajun on the “Off the Broiler” website, in which you mentioned a place in Glendale, CA that served great lahmajun. Do you remember the name of it, by any chance? I am trying to find a place on the West Coast from which I can order lahmajun for my family out there. If you have suggestions, I would be grateful.
    Great blog, by the way. You’re clearly a terrific cook/gourmet!

    Isabelle Harutunian

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