Sunshine (Danny Boyle – 2007) B+

Is there no end to how versatile Danny Boyle can be? Here he makes another film that is nothing like any of his previous ones and again he scores! This one is about saving earth and human kind from extinction by a cosmic event, but it plays more like Solaris rather than Armageddon. Sure  you have to suspend disbelief for the duration, but what you’ll get is a film with amazing images and humanity. Deeper implications of God Vs. Science or even our place in the grand scheme of things (is the human race worth saving?) are also discussed here. I do think this is more of a very well made adventure film than a ‘message picture’ though and I enjoyed it as such.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine (Danny Boyle – 2007) B+

  1. No, there is no limit to Danny Boyle’s versatility. As long as there are cameras to shake, lenses to unfocus, and other, finer films to rip off, he and Alex Garland will keep themselves in business pretty much indefinitely.

  2. Great blog. I love deep thinkers. As a note, check out this blog: (not my blog)! Thought that you or readers may like to read it???? What is the WORLD is this blog all about? End of the World type stuff (Armageddon), WAR, Religion, Time Travel?! Or someone is driking too much!! (LOL) Again good content!

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