Roger Waters – Dark Side of The Moon Tour

The weather was perfect Sunday night at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, the company was great, the Pavilion’s surround sound system was fantastic and Roger Waters delivered one spectacular concert. From the opening tune, ‘In The Flesh’ if memory serves me right, all the way to the best encore triplet one could ask for (the timely ‘Vera/Bring the Boys back Home’, ‘Another Brick in the Wall pt.2’ and the ultimate finale ‘Comfortably Numb’). Like most people, I was there to hear Pink Floyd songs and was not disappointed. He even performed ‘Set the Controls to the Heart of the Sun’, talk about trippy!. However, one of Roger’s new-ish songs, ‘Leaving Beirut’ was great and charged with his own personal experience and appropriate anti-Bush messages. Being from Beirut, and the fact that the city is going through tough times right now, I especially loved this epic song.

Then of course there was the huge flying pig, with more political messages scrawled on it. It was paraded over the arena during ‘Sheep’ which closed the first act. It was then released and it floated away. Pretty neat. The only thing that could’ve made a concert like this better would be Gilmore, Wright and Mason. We can always hope that they would get together for a final cut at some point however unlikely that may be.


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