A Meat-y Update

I have not been neglecting my Vegetarian project. Well, maybe I have in the past couple of weeks, but not intentionally. See, we had a good friend staying over our house for a week or so and he had some specific requests for meals. Pretty much non of his requests were in the vegetarian domain to say the least. I am not really complaining, you see, we ate really good guilty stuff. In any case , the foods I cooked were worth sharing before going back to VDP posts, especially when I remembered to take a picture or two. Among other things we had…

Cheese Burgers (cooked these in my cast iron skillet). For a weekday dinner these were terrific and quick.

Lamb Kofta Kebabs with hummus, lentils and grilled (yes, right on the charcoal grill) flat bread. I cannot express how pleased I was with the breads cooking perfectly on the grill and not sticking to the grates. I will be doing more of this for sure.

Deep Dish Pizza filled with ‘shrooms, sausage and cheese. First try at this type of pizza. It came out pretty good, but next time I’ll need to use less dough in the pan.

Long and slow cooked Chili with all the trimmings. I properly diced the meat instead of grinding it. It results in a better texture and appearance. As you can see, it included a lot of spices plus chipotles.


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