Just Bread

This is basically a gratuitous picture post. I bake bread a couple of times a week and it is normally excellent, but every so often it is something spectacular. This is especially true when I bake a sublime batch of sourdough from my own starter. It’s also pretty cool that the starter is older than my kids.


3 thoughts on “Just Bread

  1. Thanks Pat. In this case, these are traditional sourdough boule and are not as highly hydrated as the soft doughs you mention. I form them and let them rise in a bowl lined with a floured kitchen towel. They have a pretty open crumb and lots of air holes. They come out, when they work perfectly, nicely tangy and very flavorful.
    I do make the no-knead, bake in a pot boules often as well (from Jim Lahey’s recipe). . They are different, but for how little effort is involved are fantastic. I have some of that wet dough rising in a bowl as I type actually. I’ll be baking some tonight.

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