The Trip (Michael Winterbottom – 2011) A-

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon go on assignment for the Observer to write an article about Northern Britain and it’s fine restaurants. They play themselves or at least a very close version of themselves. They talk a lot, duel at impersonating Michael Cain and many others (Brydon is better at it), bicker about their careers, argue and eat some spectacular food at places like L’Eclume. This really is it, but the film was interesting because they are and for me obviously the wonderfully filmed food was a huge attraction. We also get beautiful shots of the Northern British landscape in winter. It’s an odd sort of voyeurism, all films are, but in something like this it’s more obvious isn’t it? It’s like being the proverbial fly-on-the-wall at these two buddies’ table, car and private rooms at various small hotels. My grade might be too generous, we’ll see, but I like this more the more I think about it.

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