Prometheus (Ridley Scott – 2012) B+

Ridley Scott’s movie is quiet a spectacular sci-fi horror picture. It works on so many levels and fails on a couple. The set pieces, art direction and CGI are fantastic. There are scenes here of amazing craftsmanship and beauty. I am thinking of visuals like in the wonderful opening scene, the amazing holographic star map that the robot David finds in one of the “rooms” and the really cool surgery chamber on board the Prometheus. The script and plot raise a lot of interesting questions, answer many of them and leave a lot open-ended (for a sequel maybe?…). I am fine with that. A movie that gives us a lot to mull over and does it in a very entertaining fashion is ok in my book.

My issues are more around characters behavior and some choices in the script that just could’ve been handled in a more masterful way. The film opens and sets up such a grand theme: finding and meeting our makers. It then proceeds to become a competent sci-fi horror flick. I am not expecting answers to that original theme, but I think the film fails to explore that well..or much at all. This is such a huge missed opportunity! On a character level I really liked most of them and the cast does a fantastic job by and large. David the robot, played by Michael Fassbender, was probably the stand-out here and my personal favorite among all the characters. Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw is quiet fantastic as well. On the other hand characters display some startling stupidity. A couple of characters who are freaking out about seeing some dead ancient aliens, moments later have no problem attempting to pet a live slithering creepy looking alien snake thing! Really?? Can a person have major surgery, get some staples in the stomach and then get up and run along fighting aliens? Apparently in Prometheus they can. It’s these choices that just make me think that the script needed some tightening and polishing.

Bottom line is that I really liked Prometheus. It is really an awesome and masterful film in many regards. However, maybe because I had huge expectations for it I am a bit disappointed. It could have been a true masterpiece instead of just a very good movie.

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