Castaway on The Moon (Hey-jun Lee – 2009) A

What a splendid unique fable this is. Two characters (both incidentally called Kim), a suicidal man who ends up on an island in the middle of the Han river under a bridge and an odd young woman who has not left her room in years end up meeting by coincidence. Maybe meet is not the right term for these two. It’s more like she discovers him while taking her nightly pictures of the moon from her room in the city (Seoul) that overlooks the river with the island in it. He becomes her own little strange alien who behaves very strangely, but soon after she opens a line of communication with him and a sweet film, full of hope, love and struggle for survival unfolds. Really describing this movie makes it sound way more strange than it it really is. Perhaps one of the most touching plot-lines here is the one that follows our castaway for his pursuit to make noodles, so that he can use the discarded flavor packet for a bowl of Korean black bean noodles! I’ve never had Korean black bean noodles but I am sure I will pretty soon.

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