Breaking Bad: Series Finale A, Series A+

It is over. One of the best TV series of all time just wrapped up recently with a fantastic finale. I am not sure if we’ve ever seen a character transform from a sympathetic hero to a villain and everywhere in between over the course of a series quiet like Walter White. He started off as a chemistry teacher with terminal cancer who starts cooking meth to – in his mind- leave a legacy and money to his family. The Journey he takes and the trail of blood, bodies and broken lives he leaves in his wake until his final spectacular demise was a pleasure to watch and observe. It’s a show with amazing writing, performances, memorable characters, music and cinematic production value overall. Just re-watch the train heist episode and I think you will see one of the tightest most brilliantly executed heist mini-movies ever. Another memorable episode is the final one we see Gus Fring in, aptly labeled “Face Off”, it is intense and so perfectly executed. So many more to pick from including one of the best of the series, this season’s “Ozymandias”, it looked great and was so heartbreaking. Heisenberg (Brian Cranston), Jesse (Aaron Paul) and the amazing set of characters (Hank, Saul, Skyler,…) will all be greatly missed.

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