The Big Blue (Luc Besson – 1988) C

There is a good movie here somewhere. I saw a very long Director’s Cut and it really should be edited down. It’s one of Besson’s first films and i do see the outlines of a sweet sweeping story about love, friendship and obsession. The execution unfortunately falls short and feels very amateurish in most respects. The performances and dialogue are just off and often seem to hit the wrong note. The tone is also all over the place with drama, tragedy, surrealism and slapstick comedy dispersed throughout. The cinematography is the main positive here. It is shot mostly in Sicily, Greece, France around and in the Mediterranean so it looks great. The underwater sequences are excellent and well choreographed. Another plus is the score. It’s lovely and works great with the awesome images on the screen.

Note: I think the version I saw is the USA one in English and I do wonder if the French/original version plays much better.

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