Killing them Softly (Andrew Dominik – 2012) B+

Set against the backdrop of the 2008 financial crises and the Obama/McCain campaign that stuff plays like a depressing soundtrack for this film. It’s a narrow story about two small time gangsters who rob a mob card game. Not even sure where it is set but it is not a pretty film. One of the two crooks is a strung out drug addict (great performance by Ben Mendelsohn) and the other one is not terribly brilliant and the guy who planned it is not that much smarter. So, before long Jackie (Brad Pitt) is on their tail for payback. The US economy as a whole seems to be represented in how the mob economy started collapsing and opportunities start rising because of these dumb crooks who did not think the implications of their actions through. It’s a movie with lots of great performances (one of the last James Gandolfini here too) that really grows on you after watching it.

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