A Quick Housekeeping Note

I have not posted in a while. No, it’s not because I have been busy. We are always busy. It’s a convenient excuse. Really I was playing around with a new direction for this little spot on the web I have here. I went back and forth on moving to a new hosting platform. I tried it and was not keen on it (for now at least). So, I am back and hopefully I will be more regular in my updates with more focus, more amateur photography and more recipes. There will be a bit of an adjustment period as I change the look and feel but I think I am happy with where it is heading.

If you are subscribed to this little blog and really like my film journal/reviews that I used to post I moved those and will continue to maintain them over at my new spot; Filmerd (you know, Film + Nerd) where you can also subscribe. I log my movie reviews on Letterboxd.com as well if you want another way to follow along. It makes more sense for this site here to only focus on food and cooking.

Thank you so much for reading and (hopefully) cooking along.



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