About Me

Hello! Elie Nassar here. I am a home cook, baker and (very) amateur photographer living in Houston, Texas. My “day time” job is in management consulting, but my real obsession is with cooking, baking, preserving and everything in between.

I was born in the north of Lebanon so Lebanese food and those dishes from my grandmother and mother are always at the core of my cooking and they make appearances here. Making bread, pizza and all manner of yeasted baked goods are another favorite. Rustic food, pastas and quickly made weekday dishes are the norm in my household but I also enjoy to experiment (sous vide, modernist techniques, fun plating). Every so often I take the time to really put together a refined multi-component plate of food for a special meal with my wife that I share here as well.

Have fun browsing through my little corner of the web as I cook, share and journal and let me know what you think. Hope to hear from you!