Aviary Cocktail: Perfect Storm

Unless you have some pyrolized banana liquor sitting around next to the rum, this is a drink that takes a bit of time from start to finish. About 30 days or so to be exact. What is pyrolized banana exactly? Well, if you’ve ever tried black garlic or cooked with it, you have had pyrolizedContinue reading “Aviary Cocktail: Perfect Storm”

Darkest Hour (Joe Wright – 2017) A-

In 1940, over the course of less than a month, the leadership of the newly assigned PM Winston Churchill is severely tested. Should Britain negotiate with the seemingly unstoppable Hitler and his superior military as one European country falls after the other? or should the British stand up to him and prevent the fall ofContinue reading “Darkest Hour (Joe Wright – 2017) A-“

The Many Saints of Newark (Alan Taylor – 2021) B-

This seemed like a bit of a wasted opportunity and a waste of an excellent cast. It plays a lot like a long pilot for a series or maybe series of movies. If that is the case, I’d love to see more. It focuses on Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola) with the young impressionable Anthony SopranoContinue reading “The Many Saints of Newark (Alan Taylor – 2021) B-“

Pig (Michael Sarnoski – 2021) A-

Just reading the description of this film it is as if someone wrote it just for me. An ex-chef, living in the Oregon wilderness with his truffle hunting pig. The pig gets kidnapped and he is on her trail looking for her in the Portland underbelly. He is played by Nick Cage! I’m already in.Continue reading “Pig (Michael Sarnoski – 2021) A-“

After Hours (Martin Scorsese – 1985) B+

It’s a strange, crazy, fun and funny film set in New York city, at night. The entire movie timeline is over one miserable night that Paul Hacket (Griffin Dunn) has to live through. It all starts off as he heads out to meet a cute girl (Rosanna Arquette) he met at the diner. Her roommateContinue reading “After Hours (Martin Scorsese – 1985) B+”

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (Destin Daniel Cretton – 2021) B

Very good. Tony Leung is such an awesome screen presence and it’s so good to see him here after watching several Wong Kar-Wai films over the last few weeks. The martial arts fight scenes are fantastic and the actors are all likeable and have good chemistry. Of course it ends in a classic Marvel CGIContinue reading “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (Destin Daniel Cretton – 2021) B”