The Last Black Man in San Francisco (Joe Talbot – 2019) A

Stranger than I expected and really fascinating. From the first few minutes this immediately places us in San Francisco that seems a bit surreal. It’s seems too cheesy perhaps to say this but this film with it’s emotional connections, beautiful music and foggy sunny setting is like a poem. It’s a scene after scene ofContinue reading “The Last Black Man in San Francisco (Joe Talbot – 2019) A”

Light Sleeper (Paul Schrader – 1992) B-

Lots of echoes of Taxi Driver here. Similar New York City at night setting. Close ups of windshields, cars and a good bit of voice over. We also get a man on the edge of society, although not nearly as interesting as Travis Bickle. Here he is played by Willem Dafoe as a mid levelContinue reading “Light Sleeper (Paul Schrader – 1992) B-“

Knives Out (Rian Johnson – 2019) A+

What a fantastic well-constructed time piece of a movie this is. It’s supposed to be a “who done it” like the Agatha Christie stuff and it does that so well. It does it so well that even when it tells us exactly what happened we are still in the “no, no way, something else must’veContinue reading “Knives Out (Rian Johnson – 2019) A+”

Cod Almondine, Spinach in Almond Cream and Lemon Sauce

Fish Almondine is a classic dish. Usually made with trout. The fish is floured and sauteed in brown butter with almonds. The sauce is finished in the pan with lemon juice and parsley. It’s delicious and that’s what was for dinner tonight…sort of. This dish loosely based on one from the Rich Table restaurant bookContinue reading “Cod Almondine, Spinach in Almond Cream and Lemon Sauce”