Croupier (Mike Hodges – 1998) B+

Clive Owen plays Jack Manfred, we don’t know too much about his background but we learn glimpses of it in the course of the film. He must’ve been a gambler at some point although he does not gamble anymore, he sure knows how to deal cards and maybe his relationship with his father is notContinue reading “Croupier (Mike Hodges – 1998) B+”

Man Push Cart (Ramin Bahrani – 2005) A-

Ahmed is a Pakistani immigrant who we watch as he pulls his heavy cart in the busy streets of Manhattan at 3 AM every morning. He is a street vendor who sells coffee, bagels and such to New Yorkers everyday. Many of them seem to like him, they are regulars. He knows what how theyContinue reading “Man Push Cart (Ramin Bahrani – 2005) A-“

My Winnipeg (Guy Maddin – 2007) B+

My first ever exposure to “the mad poet of Manitoba” is this movie. Don’t know if it is the ideal entry point but I’m thinking pretty much any other of his stuff is gonna be equally as unideal (I saw some of his shorts also available on Criterion Channel and got that sense). I’ll admitContinue reading “My Winnipeg (Guy Maddin – 2007) B+”

Zack Snyder’s Justice League (Zack Snyder – 2021) B-

I was ready to hate it, but I don’t. Overall I actually liked this and was rarely bored. Is it a great movie that I needed to see or ever see again? No. It is overly long, has a bit too much slo-mo, some really dumb character moments, Superman portrayal kind of sucks and BatmanContinue reading “Zack Snyder’s Justice League (Zack Snyder – 2021) B-“

Derek DelGaudio’s In and Of Itself (Frank Oz – 2020) A

So hard to quantify why and how this is so good. It’s a one man show. A magic show. An emotional performance. A biography and story of sorts. A whole audience’s journey to find out what makes them (us) unique and who we are. Seems like a lot of mumbo jumbo but it really worksContinue reading “Derek DelGaudio’s In and Of Itself (Frank Oz – 2020) A”

Fantastic Mr. Fox (Wes Anderson – 2009) A-

I wonder how close Anderson sticks to the original Roald Dahl book? Does not matter to me. This is a wonderful beautifully made animated film. It’s a Fox (voiced by George Clooney) who promises his wife to live an honest life, raise their kid in the den at the roots of a large tree andContinue reading “Fantastic Mr. Fox (Wes Anderson – 2009) A-“

The Painter and The Thief (Benjamin Ree – 2020) A

Barbora is the painter and Karl is the thief (well, one of two) who stole two of her most precious paintings. From the first 5 minutes of this excellent documentary we know that the thieves are caught and who they are. Thing is Karl cannot remember what the hell he did with the painting. SheContinue reading “The Painter and The Thief (Benjamin Ree – 2020) A”

A Sunday in the Country ( Bertrand Tavernier – 1984) A-

This is in the category of those movies that revolve around a family spending a day or weekend together, a few meals and things start coming up; family secrets, resentments and unsaid words. I can think of at least two other movies like that (Still Walking, A Christmas Tale) on this blog but I’m sureContinue reading “A Sunday in the Country ( Bertrand Tavernier – 1984) A-“