The Spirit of The Beehive (Victor Erice – 1973) A

This is a classic that I expected to be bigger and sprawling I think. I expected a rough and tough story about the war and the impact it has on rural Spain with Franco coming to power. What this turned out to be is a much more focused and delightful film told almost entirely fromContinue reading “The Spirit of The Beehive (Victor Erice – 1973) A”

Sorry to Bother You (Boots Riley – 2018) A

Damn! This is out there. It’s not for everyone and that is totally fine. It’s a funny, tragic, horrific film set in the near-ish future. What happens when you take greed, desperation, race struggles and mix them all up with no real guardrails beyond money? A really terrible society it seems. This is like aContinue reading “Sorry to Bother You (Boots Riley – 2018) A”

The Daytrippers (Greg Mottola – 1996) A-

A simple handwritten letter from “Sandy” starts it all. Eliza (Hope Davis) is very happily married to Louis (Stanley Tucci) but on this morning after Thanksgiving she finds that latter on the floor. It could be nothing, it could mean a lot. Of course her mom (The late great Anne Meara) is immediately on theContinue reading “The Daytrippers (Greg Mottola – 1996) A-“

Dr. Strangelove (Stanley Kubrick – 1964) A

Another classic from Criterion Channel that I finally got to seeing. This 1964 classic feels so relevant still and so funny! The awesome black and white makes it really timeless. Peter Sellers in various roles is so great here and when I figured out why his Dr. Strangelove keeps fighting his arm it just crackedContinue reading “Dr. Strangelove (Stanley Kubrick – 1964) A”

Sing Street (John Carney – 2016) A-

Set in the 80s and disguised as an excellent coming of age story about a kid who starts a band (but not a cover band!) it is about the connections one needs to survive as a kid. When the parents are not quiet in love anymore -they are mostly in the background here- Connor needsContinue reading “Sing Street (John Carney – 2016) A-“