The Glorious Croissant 2.0

Croissants were the very first food I posted about in my little blog here. It only seems fitting to update that post with a more picture-rich post. I’ve been using that recipe from Nick Malgieri since then and until now. For Mother’s Day this year, I made Diana some Croissants for breakfast and decided to tryContinue reading “The Glorious Croissant 2.0”

Corned Beef cooked Sous Vide

I’ve been exploring Sous Vide cooking using my Immersion Circulator often with excellent results. Deli-type meats seem like a no brainer for this cooking method, in this case for corned beef. To prepare the beef, I used a good even piece of brisket (even thickness matters a lot for this method) and trimmed most ofContinue reading “Corned Beef cooked Sous Vide”

Thom Leonard’s French Country Bread

I love these relaxed long baking projects, especially ones that make the time invested (albeit very little actual effort) worthwhile. Recently I stumbled on this wonderful recipe from The Fresh Loaf is a very cool forum for bakers and baking from all over the worId. If you are interested in baking, check it out.Continue reading “Thom Leonard’s French Country Bread”