Under Pressure: Calf’s Heart Confit, Toasted Pecans, Cherries, Baby Beets

If we are going to kill and eat animals, we really should try to utilize as much of the carcass as possible. Only eating the “good parts” is very wasteful and disrespectful to the critter that died so we can eat. I do believe that, but I have to admit that offal cuts can be challenging. Most ofContinue reading “Under Pressure: Calf’s Heart Confit, Toasted Pecans, Cherries, Baby Beets”

Boeuf Bourguignon, Bouchon Style

Boeuf Bourguignon is a rustic beef stew. At least it is supposed to be. The typical method involves marinating the beef in red wine, mirepoix and herbs. Then braising the beef in the marinade with the addition of chunks of carrot, pearl onions and possibly potatoes. Done like that it is delicious and I often make one variationContinue reading “Boeuf Bourguignon, Bouchon Style”

Salame di Sant’Olcese

I make a lot of fresh sausage on a regular basis, but rarely do I make a dry cured fermented sausage. That’s primarily because I do  not have a proper curing chamber that maintains a steady temperature and a high humidity level. Most amateur cooks who dabble with fermented sausages use an old fridge equippedContinue reading “Salame di Sant’Olcese”

The Fat Duck: Beef Royal (1723), Course 3

In addition to working on making a proper one-spoon quenelle (or rocher), I really need to work on applying a proper sauce “drag”. The elongated teardrop shape on a plate looks simple, but it is tricky. More practice is needed to apply that properly. On to this dish. I really liked the short rib preparation fromContinue reading “The Fat Duck: Beef Royal (1723), Course 3”

The Fat Duck: Beef Royal (1723), Course 2

Heston Blumenthal of the Fat Duck restaurant outside of London is one of the most creative and sometimes really “out there” chefs today. He explores cuisine from every perspective and sense. Taste is paramount, but it’s not just about taste, it’s about an experience. Every sense is explored, he of course controls the look ofContinue reading “The Fat Duck: Beef Royal (1723), Course 2”

Beef Tri-tip, Potato Risotto and Leek Tartar

Tri-tip is not a beef cut that is very common in my part of the country. A few months back, I could not even find it (and was not really looking). Tri-tip is a cut from the bottom sirloin, triangular shaped (hence the name) and is very popular in California, where it is sometimes calledContinue reading “Beef Tri-tip, Potato Risotto and Leek Tartar”

Alinea: BEEF, Cucumber, Honeydew, Lime Sugar

I finally found a use to the electric convection oven we have! Let me back out a little here. See, a while back one of my wife’s co-workers was remodeling and had one of those counter top electric convection ovens. It’s kind of like those you see in infomercials only a bit bigger. She askedContinue reading “Alinea: BEEF, Cucumber, Honeydew, Lime Sugar”

Bistecca All Fiorentina 1-2-3

  Florentine steak or Bistecca Alla Fiorentina is the holy grail of Tuscan cuisine. Yet, what you get in most run of the mill restaurants is a flimsy 1/2 inch piece of beef with no pedigree or taste. Here is my method for making the best Fiorentina possible, without going to Tuscany and buying the real Chianina beef steak.Continue reading “Bistecca All Fiorentina 1-2-3”