Peas, Beets and Yogurt

I got those really nice baby beets from a friend who grows them in his garden and wanted to do something nice with them. What I ended up with was this cool, delicious and fancy salad. The beets: These were roasted with garlic in an aluminum foil packet. Then I carefully peeled them and trimmed themContinue reading “Peas, Beets and Yogurt”

Alinea: COFFEE, Mint, Buckwheat, Passion Fruit

I normally do not post about my recipe try outs from the Alinea cookbook. Since this time is the first time I actually made a laborious, awesome looking, multi-component dish that took more than a week (I really did take my time though) from start to finish, I figured it deserves more than a fewContinue reading “Alinea: COFFEE, Mint, Buckwheat, Passion Fruit”

Pretty in Pink Pickles

  Every so often something very simple turns out to be utterly amazing. Like these gorgouse red onion pickles. They are so crunchy, sweet, sour, cold and refreshing I am almost done with the whole jar in one week! The original recipe is from The Zuni Cafe cookbook, but you can find a very good adaptedContinue reading “Pretty in Pink Pickles”