Candied Apple, Bacon, Brown Butter, Coffee and Maple

These  ingredients cannot be more complementary. They are delicious on their own and they work great together in a dessert. This dish has been in the works (i:e I first thought about it) about a year ago in Jacksonville, FL. I was working on a project there and a friend of mine mentioned he hadContinue reading “Candied Apple, Bacon, Brown Butter, Coffee and Maple”

Instant Sponge Cakes

Pastry chefs have been using this method for making quick sponge cake for years. As far as I know Albert Adria invented it years ago at El Bulli in Spain. I saw him “cook” it in a microwave on Anthony Bourdain’s “Decoding Ferran Adria“. I’ve never managed to give it a shot because until recently I did not haveContinue reading “Instant Sponge Cakes”

Orange Babas, Burnt Orange Marmalade and Buckwheat Streusel

 A good portion of the desserts I make are an excuse to make ice cream. Maybe not an excuse, but certainly they are based on and inspired by the ice cream. This one is no different. This one also falls in the category of desserts that still need some work, it’s missing something and I am justContinue reading “Orange Babas, Burnt Orange Marmalade and Buckwheat Streusel”

“Kit Kat”, Chocolate Gelato, Peanut and Coconut

This dessert tasted great. The flavors worked perfectly. It had some very nice textures. If only that coconut foam cooperated, it would’ve looked as good as I had planned as well. At some point I wanted to also include a banana component in this dish but I did not have the proper ingredients, so no banana.Continue reading ““Kit Kat”, Chocolate Gelato, Peanut and Coconut”

Cherry Pit Ice Cream (Noyaux)

I’ve made a lot of ice cream and this one is one of the most memorable and delicious. It’s flavor is very much close to Amaretto but much better. Cherry pits are what is supposedly used to make almond extract and is used to flavor marzipan. It’s nutty and has a complex bitter edge that IContinue reading “Cherry Pit Ice Cream (Noyaux)”

Pistachio Waffle, Yeast Foam, Pear and Banana-Cinnamon Ice Cream

Anything that has to do with fermentation and yeast fascinates me. That why I love baking bread, brewing beer and even fermenting my own homemade salami. When I first saw a wierd congealed mass in my bottle of vinegar and later learned it was a “vinegar mother” that can basically make vinegar out of wine, I did notContinue reading “Pistachio Waffle, Yeast Foam, Pear and Banana-Cinnamon Ice Cream”

French Laundry: “Banana Split” – Poached Banana Ice Cream, White Chocolate-Banana Crepes and Chocolate Sauce

A classic flavor presented in a very untraditional and delicious way, classic Thomas Keller. Here we have sweet crepes, filled with a mixture of white chocolate and poached pureed bananas. I poached the bananas in a mixture of cream and milk until soft. The poaching liquid is then used to make a custard base forContinue reading “French Laundry: “Banana Split” – Poached Banana Ice Cream, White Chocolate-Banana Crepes and Chocolate Sauce”

Gingerbread, Pumpkin and Walnut-Pear-Bourbon Ice Cream

Just like the venison dish I posted about earlier, this dessert happened because of Diana. More specifically, it was because of her dislike of gingerbread cookies. Earlier in December I had made some gingerbread cookie dough in hopes of making gingerbread men with my son, however Diana was sure that he will not like thoseContinue reading “Gingerbread, Pumpkin and Walnut-Pear-Bourbon Ice Cream”