Pumpkin-Olive Oil Cake and Buckwheat Ice Cream

Every year I look forward to cooking with winter squashes in the fall. It really is a pleasure to go to the store and see all the different varieties of squash, from the large cool looking decorative ones to the smaller delicious butternut squash. A favorite fall dish of ours, and last night’s dinner, is ravioliContinue reading “Pumpkin-Olive Oil Cake and Buckwheat Ice Cream”

Alinea: COFFEE, Mint, Buckwheat, Passion Fruit

I normally do not post about my recipe try outs from the Alinea cookbook. Since this time is the first time I actually made a laborious, awesome looking, multi-component dish that took more than a week (I really did take my time though) from start to finish, I figured it deserves more than a fewContinue reading “Alinea: COFFEE, Mint, Buckwheat, Passion Fruit”