R.I.P: Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967 – 2014)

He was an every man. He was not by any means your typical Hollywood star in looks or in the roles he chose to play on the big screen. He was one of my favorite actors. Actually right now I cannot think of anyone who comes even close. Hoffman played many supporting characters and some…… Continue reading R.I.P: Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967 – 2014)


On July 31st, 2011 elBulli served its last meal as a restaurant. It’s owner and brilliant chef Ferran Adria is transforming it into a sort of think tank for innovation in cooking. He is not closing it because business is bad or because it’s a fading “fad”. elBulli still gets a few million reservation requests (yes that’s…… Continue reading elBulli

Meyer Lemon Bees

All I can think of when I see the Meyer lemon tree in my backyard buzzing with bees is “Man, do I wish I can taste some of whatever honey these little bugs are going to be making”. I love how prolific this tree is and use its fruit whenever I can, but my favorite time is…… Continue reading Meyer Lemon Bees

Alinea, Food “documentation” and the DBwRCF

Really? A tripod and a video camera? I guess I was too naive to think that people know when there are lines that they should not cross in a restaurant before becoming a nuisance! I am referring here to the post that Chef Grant Achatz put up on Alinea’s Mosaic forum and that Carol Blymire linked to on her blog. Carol’s very…… Continue reading Alinea, Food “documentation” and the DBwRCF

Of Bresaola and Other Ike Survivors

Well, Houston was not as lucky with IKE as it was with Gustav a few weeks ago. The storm hit us pretty hard as a very strong Category 2 Hurricane. The island of Galveston took the brunt of the storm, but even inland Houston suffered considerable damage. Some parts of the city still have no…… Continue reading Of Bresaola and Other Ike Survivors

Two New Projects for 2008

Introducing the two new projects for 2008. “Vegetarian Dinners Project (VDP)”, a decision to eat at least two vegetarian dinners per week. This decision was made for three reasons: 1- It is more environmentally friendly to eat more non-meat dishes. Since we are trying to be more ‘green’ this year (switched to non-polluting electric provider,…… Continue reading Two New Projects for 2008