Night Moves (Arthur Penn – 1975) B+

It’s a convoluted plot and Gene Hackman, in the role of  private detective Harry Moseby, cannot make heads or tails of it. Neither can we most of the time. That’s the point. He is in over his head, thinks he knows what is going on, but really does not. The film feels like it starts…… Continue reading Night Moves (Arthur Penn – 1975) B+

The Globe and Mail Article and Other Updates

It’s been fairly silent around here for more than a month. We were on family vacation all of June in Lebanon and Rome. It was fun and we ate some great food, but it is good to be back. After catching up on work and other routine activities I am finally back into doing some…… Continue reading The Globe and Mail Article and Other Updates

Meyer Lemon Bees

All I can think of when I see the Meyer lemon tree in my backyard buzzing with bees is “Man, do I wish I can taste some of whatever honey these little bugs are going to be making”. I love how prolific this tree is and use its fruit whenever I can, but my favorite time is…… Continue reading Meyer Lemon Bees