Timpano al Antica

Have you seen Big Night? No! Well you need to. When thinking about a film that deals with food, very few movies come close to this one. It is a classic. Film is not the subject of this post however, it is the Timpano. That awe- inspiring masterpiece of pastry, pasta and sauces that Primo serves during the big night dinner at the end of the film.

Timpano has always fascinated me since I first saw the film a few years ago, but like so many things it had to wait and I never managed to get around to making it. Now, finally, due to cooking from Campania in September in eGullet’s Italy and Italian Cuisine forum, I did try a version of this dish. Click here to see my comments, negatives and positives. We are already planning our own tribute to Big Night with a few colleagues at work, and a new and improved Timpano will certainly be featured.


Boyz n the Hood (John Singleton – 1991) A

12/25/2004 – Very good protrayal of the life in the ‘hood’. All actors are terrific here and I like how developed and complex the characters are.

Hero (Yimou Zhang – 2002) A

12/10/2004 – Holy crap! This was one pleasant surprise. I thought I hated Jet Li and his dumb one liners, but here he so works and he has no one liners. This is one gorgeous piece of film making with breathtaking sets, locations, costumes and choreography. The Rashomon-esque story is very good as well, but really, I can watch this one with the subtitles turned off and I’ll still enjoy it.

Love Actually (Richard Curtis – 2003) A-

11/27/2004 – Maybe it is a chick flick, predictable, very sweet, unrealistic and improbable (The British Premier looking for his Cinderella on X-mas eve. hmmmm…??!!). It is also very well written, filled with well defined characters, impeccably performed, funny and warm. So there, this one is a favorite “romantic comedy” of ours.