Mother’s Day Breakfast 2007

This has become a tradition in our house. I made this or a version of it for Diana almost every year for the past 3 years. I serve it in bed of course.    – Home baked croissants with strawberry preserves -Eggs Cocotte with thick bacon lardons (yeap, I cure the bacon too) – Potato crust…… Continue reading Mother’s Day Breakfast 2007


Lebanese Food Staples: Burghul

  Burgul, burghul or bulgur along with many other variation for how to pronounce it is one of the staples of Lebanese food. It is used very much like rice. So, it can be used to make a pilaf, for a stuffing ingredient, in breads, in salads or dips. Before rice was known in the…… Continue reading Lebanese Food Staples: Burghul

Blood Orange Negroni, a Bitter-Bitter Elixir

How best to describe the taste of a Negroni? Let me see. Bitter comes to mind first, as well as “herby” and a bit spicy. Certainly there is no sweetness here. Sounds like an acquired taste? It sure does. Actually your first sip might send you to the nearest sink to spit that “vile” drink out. Sounds…… Continue reading Blood Orange Negroni, a Bitter-Bitter Elixir

Underrated Vegetables: The Pretty Radish

  I really think radishes are one of the most underrated and delicious vegetables (or is it tubers) out there. They are so pretty, taste nice a peppery with a slight sweetness and a little bitterness on the edge there. Like all such veggies (turnips, beets), the whole plant is edible, root leaves and all.…… Continue reading Underrated Vegetables: The Pretty Radish

Pretty in Pink Pickles

  Every so often something very simple turns out to be utterly amazing. Like these gorgouse red onion pickles. They are so crunchy, sweet, sour, cold and refreshing I am almost done with the whole jar in one week! The original recipe is from The Zuni Cafe cookbook, but you can find a very good adapted…… Continue reading Pretty in Pink Pickles

Bistecca All Fiorentina 1-2-3

  Florentine steak or Bistecca Alla Fiorentina is the holy grail of Tuscan cuisine. Yet, what you get in most run of the mill restaurants is a flimsy 1/2 inch piece of beef with no pedigree or taste. Here is my method for making the best Fiorentina possible, without going to Tuscany and buying the real Chianina beef steak.…… Continue reading Bistecca All Fiorentina 1-2-3