Beans and Beef with Chile and Panela

It’s the season for deeply flavored stews, braises, roasts and rich bean dishes. This one is not based on any specific recipe but like most cooking I do is more based on a flavor profile, in this case American Southwestern/Mexican. The starting point was the beef shoulder roast. I wanted it more substantial, enter the…… Continue reading Beans and Beef with Chile and Panela

A Meat-y Update

I have not been neglecting my Vegetarian project. Well, maybe I have in the past couple of weeks, but not intentionally. See, we had a good friend staying over our house for a week or so and he had some specific requests for meals. Pretty much non of his requests were in the vegetarian domain…… Continue reading A Meat-y Update

VDP: Three-Bean ‘Chile Con Frijoles’

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 It used to be just hearing the words ‘Vegetarian Chili’ would give me the heebie jeebies. Chili needs meat, it is all about the meat and the chillies! Well, I still dislike the name even though a dish with lots of dried and/or fresh chillies, spices, beans and vegetables can be…… Continue reading VDP: Three-Bean ‘Chile Con Frijoles’