Certified Copy (Abbas Kiarostami – 2010) A

IMDB says this is a 2010 film but I am sure it was released here this past year. My point? Why was this smart, perfectly scripted, well acted and thought-provoking art film not nominated for any Academy award. It’s certainly one of the bast movies of last year and way better than most of theContinue reading “Certified Copy (Abbas Kiarostami – 2010) A”

Take Shelter (Jeff Nichols – 2011) B+

I am not sure how I feel or what I think of the ending of Take Shelter. Is it literal? Is it another of Curtis’ dreams? Something else entirely? I’m leaning more towards that second explanation. Curtis is slowly losing his mind. It is a horrible thing to see a man descend slowly into theContinue reading “Take Shelter (Jeff Nichols – 2011) B+”