Smoked Salmon and White Asparagus, Sour Cream and Vattlingon

There is so much fantastic looking salmon in the market this time of year. Asparagus is also all over the place. Recipes combining these two lovely spring ingredients can be found in many books, sites and on restaurant menus. This recipe based on one from the book Neue Cuisine: the Elegant Tastes of Vienna byContinue reading “Smoked Salmon and White Asparagus, Sour Cream and Vattlingon”

Of Bresaola and Other Ike Survivors

Well, Houston was not as lucky with IKE as it was with Gustav a few weeks ago. The storm hit us pretty hard as a very strong Category 2 Hurricane. The island of Galveston took the brunt of the storm, but even inland Houston suffered considerable damage. Some parts of the city still have noContinue reading “Of Bresaola and Other Ike Survivors”