Jogging-Trail Dewberries

I’ve been trying to eat a little better and working out some more lately. When my son has soccer practice, I go jogging along the trails in that area. The trails wind and twist in the semi-wilderness in the back of our neighborhood where the soccer, basketball and baseball fields are. As per usual, even…… Continue reading Jogging-Trail Dewberries


Wild Boar Loin, Puy Lentils and Apple-Port Sauce

  It’s amazing how I manage to find more boar meat in my deep freezer overtime I look in there. I still have a couple of loins, some shoulders and maybe two hind (ham) legs. I see some boar sausage in my future, maybe Italian or Greek flavored…or some of each…we’ll see. Anyways, I took a…… Continue reading Wild Boar Loin, Puy Lentils and Apple-Port Sauce