Scallop Crudo and Citrus

There is a great selection of citrus fruit at this time of the year. For a nice dinner recently, scallops were the main star since they are one of Diana’s favorite seafood items. Since I had a couple more scallops than I needed for the main course (twice cooked scallops, polenta and swiss chard) I…… Continue reading Scallop Crudo and Citrus

Meyer Lemon Bees

All I can think of when I see the Meyer lemon tree in my backyard buzzing with bees is “Man, do I wish I can taste some of whatever honey these little bugs are going to be making”. I love how prolific this tree is and use its fruit whenever I can, but my favorite time is…… Continue reading Meyer Lemon Bees

Scallops, Meyer Lemon Risotto and Parsley Oil

Most recipes in Thomas Keller’s “Ad Hoc at Home” are simple and the one for scallops is probably one of the shortest, but it uses a technique I probably never would’ve thought about. First the scallops, largest specimens I could find, are brined for about 10 minutes. After a rinse and a pat in paper…… Continue reading Scallops, Meyer Lemon Risotto and Parsley Oil

Home-Made Linguini

My three-year old insisted on pulling the pasta machine out to make “noodos” a couple of days ago. Who am I to tell him no? Especially when he was so helpful. With little guidance from me, he rolled and cut almost all the pasta. I served them with butter, Meyer lemon juice and zest, butter…… Continue reading Home-Made Linguini