Mugaritz: Dried Tomato Salad, a Bunch of Garlic Cloves and Herbs

Soaking a fruit or a vegetable in pickling lime or Calcium Hydroxide is a theme in the Mugaritz book. Soaking any vegetable in a mixture of water and pickling lime binds the cellulose and makes the fruit firm. The longer it is soaked the harder a shell it forms. The reason pickling lime is soldContinue reading “Mugaritz: Dried Tomato Salad, a Bunch of Garlic Cloves and Herbs”

Mugaritz: Edible Stones

There are so many intriguing dishes with familiar and odd flavor combinations in Mugaritz, the book about the cuisine of Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz. There are interesting techniques and very cool and whimsical dishes. The ideas are bold and they focus on mostly minimalist presentation and straightforward flavors. I knew from the second I startedContinue reading “Mugaritz: Edible Stones”