Barley Miso Porridge, Soft Cheese, Vegetables

Aesthetically, this dish needs work, but I am extremely proud of how delicious it was. The flavors popped and worked brilliantly together. It was fresh, healthy and refined. Cooking from the NOMA cookbook is not an easy feat. NOMA in Copenhagen is the new “Best Restaurant in the World”. Rene Redzepi’s cuisine is fiercely local, and in Scandinavia localContinue reading “Barley Miso Porridge, Soft Cheese, Vegetables”

Pumpkin Flan, Purple Carrots and Truffled Mushrooms

Autumn is here and so are the wonderful winter hard squashes. I still have a few packages of frozen pumpking puree from last year and now is definitely the time to use them. For this dish I used a package of pureed Hubbard squash. I used a recipe from Batali’s “Babbo” cookbook for the flan, or sformato. It’s aContinue reading “Pumpkin Flan, Purple Carrots and Truffled Mushrooms”