Homemade Fresh Mozzarella

I’ve tried making mozzarella a couple of times before with no success..until now. This was fantastic. The recipe that worked for me was from the “Ideas in Food” book (I just did not use the Lipase enzyme). Now, this time I used raw non-homogenized milk from a farm. So, it still remains to be seen if I can repeat this success with regular store-bought whole milk.

The recipe is simple, but I think the details are important, especially temperature. The basic idea is to warm the milk slightly, then mix in citric acid and rennet (Whole Foods sells rennet by the way). Let those sit so the milk can acidify a little and the rennet can start making milk curds. I cut the curds, still in the whey, and heat the mixture gently again to a  specific temperature. Last step is to drain he curds and then melt them, stretch  and knead them in very hot salted whey in order to form those mozzarella balls. 

We enjoyed it simply with olive oil and some basil