Chicken, White Wine and Porcini Fricassee, Simple Risotto with Verjus

I cooked this when mom mom was visiting recently. I’m glad she loves Italian food as much as I do and especially risotto, pesto sauces and any form of pasta. Really, who doesn’t? I have a nice pasta dish coming up soon but for now it’s a soul satisfying dish from one of my go-toContinue reading “Chicken, White Wine and Porcini Fricassee, Simple Risotto with Verjus”

Chiringuito Paella a la Marinera

A perfect paella is a wonderful dish. I love the process of cooking it to perfection almost as much as I enjoy eating the result. Like many “traditional” dished tied to locales, it inspires arguments and controversy as to what constitutes the proper “Paella”. Supposedly the original dish was cooked over an open fire byContinue reading “Chiringuito Paella a la Marinera”