Peaches and Cream, Streusel and Cherries

When I think of Texas fruits, two immediately come to mind, ruby red grapefruit and peaches. That’s fairly narrow thinking, since Texas is so huge and offers a large variety of climates and vegetation. It’s those two fruits that always pop to mind though. Recently on a road trip outside of Houston, I noticed aContinue reading “Peaches and Cream, Streusel and Cherries”

Jogging-Trail Dewberries

I’ve been trying to eat a little better and working out some more lately. When my son has soccer practice, I go jogging along the trails in that area. The trails wind and twist in the semi-wilderness in the back of our neighborhood where the soccer, basketball and baseball fields are. As per usual, evenContinue reading “Jogging-Trail Dewberries”

Orange Babas, Burnt Orange Marmalade and Buckwheat Streusel

 A good portion of the desserts I make are an excuse to make ice cream. Maybe not an excuse, but certainly they are based on and inspired by the ice cream. This one is no different. This one also falls in the category of desserts that still need some work, it’s missing something and I am justContinue reading “Orange Babas, Burnt Orange Marmalade and Buckwheat Streusel”