Always in demand in my household and really easy to make savory or sweet (eliminate sugar and vanilla from the savory versions) if you pay attention to a few details. We make these very frequently, mostly for dessert or breakfast. The few rules of note that I think make for great crepes are: Mix only…… Continue reading Crepes

Reverse Seared Pork Loin with pumpkin, greens and cane syrup

I love cooking proteins gently in a perfectly temperature-controlled water container (sous vide). It’s a method that’s very difficult to replicate for certain preparations. It is convenient. It hits that nerdy tech-loving precision oriented part of my brain. However, it requires in most cases the use of plastic bags. It bothers me a bit every…… Continue reading Reverse Seared Pork Loin with pumpkin, greens and cane syrup

Hot Cross buns

They look cool and are pretty simple to make, hot cross buns are in the family of enriched fruit/nut breads that are typically associated with a holiday of some sort. Others in this family include breads like Stollen, Panettone and various other European confections. I love them all. Hot cross buns are an Easter specialty…… Continue reading Hot Cross buns

Miso Cured Fish on the Grill, Japanese Rice and Salad

Impatient? Skip to the Recipe This simple easy process results is an outstanding way to season and flavor fish. I think it best works with fattier fish like salmon, steelhead trout and the like. However, it works great with meaty white fish too. One of the most famous renditions is by chef Nobu Matsuhisa where…… Continue reading Miso Cured Fish on the Grill, Japanese Rice and Salad

Aviary Cocktail: Perfect Storm

Unless you have some pyrolized banana liquor sitting around next to the rum, this is a drink that takes a bit of time from start to finish. About 30 days or so to be exact. What is pyrolized banana exactly? Well, if you’ve ever tried black garlic or cooked with it, you have had pyrolized…… Continue reading Aviary Cocktail: Perfect Storm

Lebanese Okra and Beef Stew

This one is not going to win any beauty contests, that’s for sure but it is a delicious and very emblematic of many Lebanese home-style stews that I grew up eating. Funny enough this one, really any okra based dish, was never my favorite when I was a kid. Yet, now, along with eggplant okra…… Continue reading Lebanese Okra and Beef Stew

Grilled Sous-Vide Tri-tip, Kale Salad, Double Baked Potatoes

Combining grilling over charcoal with sous-vide precision cooking is the ultimate best-of-both-worlds approach. This is especially true for cuts of beef that are a little tricky to get right like the tri-tip. It has an uneven shape and thickness, it can also come out tough or dry if not cooked and sliced right. In this…… Continue reading Grilled Sous-Vide Tri-tip, Kale Salad, Double Baked Potatoes