Lebanon 2007: Jabbour’s Shawarma

In 2.5 weeks in Lebanon, I think I ate here maybe 10 times. The Shawarma at this place in Beirut’s Dora area is sublime, the best anywhere. Not just the beef/lamb one but also the chicken version is juicy, packed with flavor and delicious. Jabbour’s Shawarma is always a highlight of any of my trips to my home country.


Chicken Shawarma on the right, the beef/lamb one on the left


Shawarma is the main attraction for me and Diana here, but Jabbour is a full fledged Lebanese restaurant/sandwich shop. In this one display you see some of the possible choices like lamb kebabs, kefta, lamb liver, tongue, kidney and one of my favorites lamb testicles! You just place and order and the guy in the back grills the skewer over charcoal and makes you a nice fresh pita bread wrap with it (i:e Lebanese sandwich).

Jabbour Shawarma

This is a not so good closeup of a chicken Shawarma and a glass of cold no-corn-syrup-included Pepsi. This one contains in addition to the chicken pickled cucumbers, lettuce, french fries and lots of garlic sauce…it could be messy. The beef/lamb one will have tahini sauce, pickled turnips, parsley, raw onions and tomatoes.

More Lebanon trip photos to come…


7 thoughts on “Lebanon 2007: Jabbour’s Shawarma

  1. Bishkor jami3 el 2a7ibbe2 3a hal ta3ali2… hayda sharaf la 2ilna, w na7na mna3rif inno bi 2alb kill wa7ad minna fi Jabbour

  2. habibna ya chef!

    w sharaf la 2ilna kamen inno ndou2 atyab shawarma men atyab 2iden ya chef!! w mnetmana ydal hal l moustawa l 3aleh men l nadafeh wel ta3meh.. ya atyab JJabour

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