Napa: Dinner at The French Laundry

There really is no shortage of reports on the web about The French Laundry and it’s food. I’m sure many are very thorough and detailed, especially on sites like My post here will be more on the short side word-wise. Last time I enjoyed a meal that I had been looking forward to forContinue reading “Napa: Dinner at The French Laundry”

Lebanon 2007: Jabbour’s Shawarma

In 2.5 weeks in Lebanon, I think I ate here maybe 10 times. The Shawarma at this place in Beirut’s Dora area is sublime, the best anywhere. Not just the beef/lamb one but also the chicken version is juicy, packed with flavor and delicious. Jabbour’s Shawarma is always a highlight of any of my tripsContinue reading “Lebanon 2007: Jabbour’s Shawarma”