The Globe and Mail Article and Other Updates

It’s been fairly silent around here for more than a month. We were on family vacation all of June in Lebanon and Rome. It was fun and we ate some great food, but it is good to be back. After catching up on work and other routine activities I am finally back into doing some cooking and hopefully some blogging here. I started off by cooking up a modest 4th of July barbecue feast, brewing two batches of beer this past weekend and putting up a big chunk of beef eye of round in Modernist Cuisine’s bresaola cure. Not a bad start and hopefully some pictures of the finished plated bresaola (and possibly salami) will appear here in the near future.
For some other good news, it was great to see Oven-Dried Tomatoes written up in the Globe and Mail alongside some other excellent food bloggers like Martin Lindsay from Alineaphile! I do this blog as a journal of sorts for myself, but it is neat to be “noticed” sometimes .


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